A baseball gypsy who thrives on quick wit, coffee and lipstick.


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Meet Chancelee Taylor

Chancelee is married to her high-school sweetheart, "mama" to their chocolate covered fur-baby, a word wizard, and so much more.

Her husband, Ben, got drafted by the Boston Red Sox in 2015, made his Major League debut in 2017, and is currently with the Arizona Diamondbacks. She created her writing & editing business in an effort to wholeheartedly support him as he chased his dreams from the minors to the majors.

She's all about helping women tell their stories and share what's on their hearts. She's worked with creative dreamers and doers of all types—from authors to mommy bloggers to six-figure entrepreneurs—and is always really stinkin' excited to connect with women in all walks of life.

She believes that, ultimately, we are all unsumupable; all that we are cannot be limited to 140 characters, a caption or a 3x3 grid.


“You think that if other people truly saw you they would recoil in horror. Truly, if people actually saw you, they would be amazed by the amount of light.”

- Marianne Williamson